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Open Banking for Third Party Providers Developer and Sandbox Portal


Open Banking

Open Banking would enable personal and business customers to securely share their account and payment information with banks and third parties. This would enable customers to compare products, initiate payments and request account information. It is an initiative led by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to provide the services through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Open Banking allows customer to share their account information with Third Party Providers (TPPs), without sharing their log on details. It enables those TPPs to access account information and provide appropriate services.

TPP Onboard

We believe Open Banking can give our customers access to new products and services and will increase innovation in financial services. We believe our customers access to some of these new services and will continue to increase the APIs and channels we support.

Before we can onboard you, you must be registered with the FCA or another European regulator and enrolled in the Open Banking Directory.

Third Party Provider Portal

An authorised Third Party Provider (TPP) by the FCA can use the following links to access our dedicated Open Banking Developer and Sandbox portal.

UBI UK PSD2 Developer portal

UBI UK Ltd Quarterly Statistics on Availability and Performance of Dedicated Interfaces

UBI UK Ltd Quarterly Statistics on Availability and Performance of Dedicated Interfaces 31.10.2019

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For more information you may want to visit:

The Open Banking and the Financial Conduct Authority websites.


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