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Exchange Rate
GBP/INR 103.60 less than £250 104.95 £250 to £1999 105.05 £2000 to £4999 105.10 £5000 to £9999
USD/INR 82.86 Up to $2000
21-06-2024Exchange Rate
GBP/INR 103.60 less than £250
104.95 £250 to £1999 105.05 £2000 to £4999 105.10 £5000 to £9999
USD/INR 82.86 Up to $2000
We are making changes to our schedule of service charges and tariffs for Business and Individual accounts effective 01 April 2024. The new tariff will contain updates to account maintenance fees, transaction charges for deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, as well as changes to fees for other services. Please click on this link for more details : Union Bank of India (UK) LTD > Service Charges
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